EDC Minutes for April 6, 2000, 9D-5, 11:00 12:30 p.m.

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Guest: Carol Craig
Item Discussion / Comments / Outcome
  • In a separate meeting on March 27, Anna Degtyareva reviewed online course, Microcomputer Applications, COMP 16.
    Course was approved.
  • Only two EDC meetings remain for Spring Semester, April 27 and May 11.
  • Web CT will be present at the May 11th meeting and will provide lunch.
  • Forty-six Distance Learning classes will be offered for Fall.
  • Kerry Stern will meet with Sharon Valentine, Joanne Greenspan, and Chris Magoni regarding the scheduling of Distance Learning classes.
  • For the program to grow, several issues need to be addressed:
    • problems with ICCIS
    • mandatory prerequisites
    • not enough teachers
    • need for support and flexibility from academic departments.
  • Carol Craig and Terri Beam, with input from Barbara Mezaki and Ralph Jagodka, revised the Online Course Student Survey. EDC offered suggestions for more revisions. This will be a pilot study for surveying online students. Discussion ensued on how the information will be dispersed and used. A letter will be sent via email to online instructors to explain the survey.
  • Kerry will purchase copies of the "Faculty Guide for Moving Teaching & Learning to the Web" for EDC members.
  • A suggestion was made to compile a catalog of sample web pages for online instructors.