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Evaluations of Distance Learning Faculty
Student Evaluations | Classroom Visitations

The Faculty Agreement 2008-2011 contains new evaluation forms for faculty teaching Distance Learning courses.  All DL faculty should download a copy of these new forms and become familiar with them, as they will be used for evaluations starting Fall 2008 semester.  One can obtain a copy of these two new forms in the new faculty contract at the links below for a Rich Text Format (RTF) version of the form.

Follow the instructions below for the evaluations that you wish to conduct.  Remember that Classroom Visitations require at least a two day advance notice.  

For more information on these evaluations, contact Mary Johnson, x6369 or Meghan Chen, x5658.

Student Evaluations of Distance Learning Faculty - Form H.2.e

Student evaluations in DL courses may be conducted in one of several ways:

1. On campus in a face-to-face meeting:

For faculty of the course or an evaluation team member - download and print out H.2.e form from link above, make copies for students, use Mt. SAC Scantron forms and #2 pencils, conduct evaluations in usual manner, analyze at IT, then summarize.

2.  Online modes:

     A.  Instruct your students to the Distance Learning Home web page at:


Tell them to click on the "Student Evaluations" link on the left navigation bar to get started.

     B.  Place a link to the Student Evaluation Form H.2.e in your Blackboard course and direct your students to download that form and complete it. If the faculty is tenured or has rehire rights, then ask your students to return the completed forms to you via Mt. SAC email, FAX, or hand them in when they are on-campus.

     C. Place the Student Evaluation Form H.2.e into a Blackboard survey format and deploy the survey in your Blackboard course.  Students can be directed to complete the survey and their answers will be anonymous to the professor.

Classroom Visitation Evaluations of Distance Learning Faculty - Form H.4.c

If you need an experienced DL faculty member to conduct this evaluation, please contact Dean, Library & Learning Resources, Meghan Chen, x 5658.  She will provide you the name of an experienced DL faculty who will is willing to conduct this evaluation.

Classroom Visitation evaluations of all DL faculty may be conducted in the following manner:

  •  download and print H.4.c Form - Classroom Visitation of DL Faculty

  •  allow a faculty evaluator to access your course web site for a specified amount of time to conduct the evaluation:

    •  elearn course web site - give URL and password to evaluator

    •  Blackboard course - consult with your evaluator to arrange a time for him/her to "visit" your DL course Blackboard course.  Add your evaluator to your Bb course by using the Manage Enrollments "Robot" at:   http://elearn.mtsac.edu/blackboard/robot
      After the visitation has been completed, be sure to "un-enroll" your evaluator from your Bb course.

  •  The evaluator will conduct the evaluation in the usual manner, marking observations on the hard copy of the H.4.c evaluation form. The evaluator will share the results with the faculty member being evaluated.