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Online Learning Readiness Survey


Are you ready to learn online?

Distance Learning classes definitely aren't for everyone, so the purpose of the Online Learning Readiness Survey is to help students assess their own readiness for distance, or online learning. The common misconception is that Online Courses are easier than traditional courses, but the reality is that they can be more difficult since they require high discipline and excellent time management skills.

The Online Learning Readiness Survey is made up of 2 very short, (10) question quizzes: a Student Skills quiz and a Technical Skills quiz, and is designed to give you instant results upon completion of the quizzes. Each quiz should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

It is highly recommended the you complete both quizzes in order to obtain a more accurate assessment that may be used to help determine if Distance Learning classes would benefit you.


Student Skills QuizCapMouse

The Student Skills Quiz asks questions pertaining to your skills and abilities as a student.

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Technical Skills Quiz

The Technical Skills Quiz asks questions pertaining to your technical skills and abilities.

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