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Administrative Procedures   Authentication  

Administrative Procedures:

AP 3720 - Computer and Network Use

AP 3750 - Use of Copyrighted Material

Entire Set of Chapter 3 - General Institution Administrative Procedures

What is the federal mandate on authentication of students?

There is a mandate expressed by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 to ensure program integrity by authentication and verification of students:

‘‘(ii) the agency or association requires an institution that offers distance education or correspondence education to have processes through which the institution establishes that the student who:

  1. registers in a distance education or correspondence education course or program is the same student who
  2. participates in
  3. completes the program
  4. receives the academic credit;’’

As a DL faculty, how will the federal authentication mandate affect me and my DL courses?

A recommendation approved by Academic Senate and AMAC states that students must be authenticated through official processes at Mt. SAC, which means through interaction with the College’s information system Banner:

Processes #1, #3, and #4 above already interact with Banner, so how will DL faculty and courses comply with process #2 – “participating in the DL course”?

The recommendation states that students in DL courses will be authenticated in online mode through userID and password-required Luminis Portal or Moodlerooms participation, or by use of Mt. SAC email address.

Is there a deadline by which we must be in compliance with the federal authentication mandate at Mt. SAC?

The approved recommendation states that these four identified processes authenticate and verify Mt. SAC students through interaction with the College's official information system, Banner, by the beginning of Fall 2010 semester.

If I am already 'certified' here at Mt.SAC to use Blackboard, do I have to be recertified to use Moodlerooms?

No. If you were already using Blackboard here at Mt.SAC, you are not required to take any additional learning venues for Moodlerooms. HOWEVER, because of the conceptual shift of the product, it IS strongly recommended to attend the basics as well as the targeted courses offered, e.g. Using the Gradebook.

This page last updated July 3, 2012
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