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Considering Taking an Online/Distance Learning Class?

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Online and Hybrid Distance Learning Courses

Online classes are delivered primarily via the Internet and have few or no meetings on campus.

Hybrid classes are also delivered via the Internet but have several or many required on-campus meetings.

Official Mt.SAC email is used in all DL courses. (Click here)

If you are interested in registering for Community Education courses, please click here. http://communityed.mtsac.edu/ Community Education courses do not count towards earning a degree, but are geared towards Professional Development, Careers, and/or Recreation & Leisure. Community Education courses are non-credit courses.


The Academic Rigor & Time Commitment Required

Distance Learning (DL) courses have the same content and academic rigor as regular courses; the only difference is the delivery method. Students should expect to spend as much time, sometimes more depending on the subject matter, reading, writing, and studying for DL courses as they would in regular courses.

In addition, students who manage their time well, log into DL courses regularly, and submit completed work on time, and meet course expectations would do well in any course, but especially in DL courses. Communicating with the professor in a timely manner when there are questions or problems is also critical to student success.


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