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Historians engage in systematic study of the human past and may draw upon the subject matter and methods of many academic disciplines. History professors at Mt. San Antonio College seek to understand the past in order to discover meaning and relevance for people in the present. We strive to introduce students to the skills of critical writing, thinking, and analysis necessary to comprehend the range of human experiences from a historical perspective.  History is a fundamental tool for us to better understand ourselves and our world by making connections between the past and the present.

We also believe that the study of history is fun. The popularity of historical books, television shows, and movies demonstrate that the past still entertains us all. Thus the study of history is useful as well as inherently interesting.

With course offerings that cover much of the globe, from the ancient world to the present, the department offers the foundation of a broad-based education for an informed citizenry for both history majors and non-majors.

"Those who do not forget the past are the masters of the future."
Sima Qian