Certificate Programs

Educational Paraprofessional - Level II Certificate T2188
This certificate program in the field of education prepares paraprofessionals in a variety of areas, emphasizing working with children to enhance their learning and development. Students will be able to assist classroom teachers in working with children of all ages and backgrounds, including students with special needs. This certificate provides graduates with skills in math and English, as well as understandings in learning and teaching styles. It may be used as eligibility for position advancement.
Requirements for the Certificate
Required courses:
Completion of the Educational Paraprofessional - Level I Certificate (13 units) as follows:
  • CHLD 1 Child, Family and Community 3.0 CSU,UC
  • EDUC 10 Introduction to Education 3.0 CSU,UC
  • ENGL 68 English - Writing 3.0
  • MATH 51 Elementary Algebra 4.0
Plus the following courses:
  • CHLD 68 Children With Special Needs 3.0 CSU
  • EDUC 16 Aspects and Issues in Teaching 3.0 CSU
  • ENGL 1A Freshman Composition 3.0 CSU,UC
  • MATH 71 Intermediate Algebra 5.0
  • PSYC 14 Developmental Psychology, or 3.0 CSU,UC
  • CHLD 10 Child Growth and Development 3.0 CSU,UC
Total Units 30.0
Recommended Electives:
  • CHLD 51 Early Literacy in Child Development
  • CHLD 64 Health, Safety and Nutrition of Young Children
  • LIT 40 Children’s Literature
  • PE 3 First Aid and CPR