Honors Courses

The following courses are offered regularly, but not necessarily every semester.  For example, the Philosophy courses and Art History courses tend to rotate from year to year.  Check with the Schedule of Classes or department to confirm whether a specific course will be offered.

Honors Course Reference Numbers are published in the Schedule of Classes but only those students who are members of the Honors Program will be able to enroll in the honors sections of courses.

Anthropology 1H Biological Anthropology

Art History 1H Understanding the Visual Arts
Art History 2H Topics in Visual Arts and Culture
Art History 3H History of Women and Gender in Art
Art History 4H History of Western Art: Prehistoric Through Gothic
Art History 5H History of Western Art: Renaissance Through Modern
Art History 6H History of Modern Art
Art History 12H Pre-Columbian Art of the Americas

Biology 4H Biology for Majors
Biology 15H Human Sexuality

Business 1AH Macro Economics
Business 1BH Micro Economics

Chemistry 50H General Chemistry

English 1AH Freshman Composition
English 1BH Introduction to Literary Types
English 1CH Critical Thinking & Writing

Geography 1H Elements of Physical Geography
Geography 1HL Physical Geography Laboratory
Geography 2H Human Geography

Geology 8H Earth Science

History 3H History of World Civilization 1(offered every other year)
History 4H History of World Civilization 2 (offered every other year)
History 7H History of the United States 1(offered every other year)
History 8H History of the United States 2 (offered every other year)

Math 110H Statistics

Music 13H Music Appreciation

Nutrition 25H Essentials of Nutrition

Oceanography 10H Introduction to Oceanography

Philosophy 3H Logic In Practice
Philosophy 5H Introduction to Philosophy
Philosophy 9H Critical Analysis and Writing
Philosophy 12H Ethics
Philosophy 15H Major World Religions

Political Science 1H Political Science

Psychology 1AH Introduction to Psychology

Sociology 1H Sociology
Sociology 2H Social Problems
Sociology 5H Introduction to Criminology
Sociology 20H Sociology of Ethnic Relations

Speech 1AH Public Speaking