General Education Outcomes

GEOs Assessment Questions

In consultation with faculty, each division dean and chair responsible for a course should indicate by June 2009 the status of their GEO assessment and their continuous plan and timeline for assessment (e.g., such as a four-year cycle aligned with course review). The division should be able to report on the summary of data for each course. The division dean and chair should use the GEOC Reporting form to provide summary data and feedback to GEOC via the Research and Institutional Effectiveness office. Some questions to consider when providing feedback might include:

  1. Did we have a positive or negative experience doing the GEO assessment? Why?
  2. What did we learn? How does what we learn impact us as teachers and the curriculum?
  3. How could the GEO Assessment process and reporting be improved?
  4. How could I use the results in my Planning for Institutional Effectiveness (PIE) program review process?
  5. How does our division plan to use the results related to this course and the Mt. SAC General Education curriculum?
  6. What changes would we recommend to the Mt. SAC General Education assessment plan for the next semester?
  7. What changes are needed to the Mt. SAC GE Philosophy statement?
  8. Any other thoughts to share?

Each division dean and chair should maintain the records necessary to show assessment and use of results for each course. The chairs are further encouraged to record course-level assessment into e-PIE and include all resources needed paying particular attention to the use of results section called "action."

Using the information collected at the end of each semester, the GEOC will review the summary reports from each course and will compile the data, write an overall summary report, and review the findings by GEO Area with the faculty, deans and chairs. GEOC will review the plans and discuss recommendations for changes such as course-level changes/discussion, GE Area level changes/discussion and overall GE discussion (e.g., changes to philosophy statement, courses in the GE pattern and any other relevant issues).

As appropriate, a meeting will be called for faculty, deans and chairs to attend each fall and spring to review the results, to celebrate the achievements and discuss action needed to improve the process and student learning. Reports will be given to IEC, C&I and Academic Senate each fall and spring semesters.

If a course has been evaluated in one semester and re-evaluation is not immediately needed, then there is no need to evaluate it again for a few years. If the area already has a course-assessment timeline, the faculty may consider adhering to it as much as possible and discussing any timing questions with the GEO Coordinator. For assessment help and/or process questions, faculty may feel free to contact the GEO Coordinator or any member of the GEO Committee including the research office.