Horticulture & Park Management

Horticulture Program Benefits

The Mt. SAC Horticulture program offers students many benefits.

    • Collaboration with nearby industry in Los Angeles County, one of the largest dollar-volume counties utilizing horticultural products in the world, provides opportunity for student field trips and job placement not available elsewhere.
    • Practical approaches to horticulture with hands-on industry experience and interaction.
    • Classes offered in blocks one day per week so students can work and earn a degree or certificate, and certificate program classes scheduled so students can earn a certificate by taking evening courses.
    • Learning to propagate, produce, and market horticultural products through hands-on experience
    • Horticulture and Equipment Club activities.
    • Work Experience Program (earn units for on-the-job work experience).
    • Individualized and personalized instruction with low instructor-to-student ratio.
    • Full-time and part-time faculty with more than (60) years of practical industry experience.
    • An Advisory Committee composed of many industry leaders in horticultural enterprises.