List of Designated Smoking Areas

Designated Smoking Area within 10 feet. Must be 18 years or older. Smoking outside this area will be cited per Mt. SAC Administrative Procedures AP 35651. Lawn area north of Clarke Theater
2. Front entrance of Arts Instruction Building 1A
3. North of Gym entrance
4. Lawn area west of Student Life Center (9C)
5. Shaded Area west of Design Technology Center (13)
6. North center entrance of Design Technology Center (13)
7. West of Technology & Health Building (28)
8. Near fire lane east of Science Laboratories Building 60)
9 & 10. West Wall/south end of Language Center/Health Careers complex (67A&B)
11. Northwest of Sherman Park, west of Community Ed (30)
12. Next to storage bin west of trailers (31-37)
13 & 14. Near Horticulture Unit and Farm Unit
15. South corner pad, east side of Building 40
16. West end of Agricultural Sciences Complex (80)
17. Northwest corner near the Department of Police and Campus Safety building (23)
18. Northeast corner, Facilities Maintenance (47&48)

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