Mt. SAC Board of Trustees


Corey Case, Student Trustee

Corey Case, Student Trustee

Corey Case was sworn in as the new student trustee for the 2017-18 academic year during the Mt. SAC Board of Trustees' July 12, 2017 meeting. He serves a one-year term, representing students' interests and perspectives on policy issues that come before Mt. SAC's governing board.

Student trustees have only an advisory vote, which does not count toward the passage or failure of a motion. The advisory vote helps the Board know how the student trustee stands on issues and strengthens the student role in the college's shared governance process.

A 19-year-old Chino resident, Case is a mathematics major. He has served as the Associated Students senate co-chair for the college’s student government. At Mt. SAC, he is also a member of Society of Societies Club, a club for engineering students.

After he graduates from Mt. SAC, he plans to transfer to UCLA as a mathematics major and eventually hopes to be a cryptographer for the National Security Agency.