President's Advisory Council

2004-2005 Accomplishments

  • Served as planning committee for Accreditation Self Study and October 2004 site visit.
  • Recommended that President O'Hearn approve the “Revised Guidelines on Appointment and Service of Classified Staff on College Committees.” (7/7/04)
  • Heard proposal for the establishment of a Student Learning Outcomes Team and Implementation Process from Dr. Nixon. (8/4/04) Received update from Jemma Blake-Judd at the 3/16/05 meeting.
  • Deleted two College Committees – Program Review and Community Education. (9/1/04)
  • Agreed with the President's Advisory Council recommendation to: Purchase ten seven-passenger vans and trade in the College’s 15-passenger vans, at a net cost of approximately $110,000. Additionally, the College would lease an additional five vans, at a cost of approximately $20,000. It is also expected that the College would have to rent additional vans probably a little over 100 times during the year. At the end of the first five months, the use of the five leased vans will be evaluated for possible purchase if it is deemed that would be more cost effective than leasing. (This is in response to an Education Code requirement effective 1/1/05 stating that drivers of 15-passenger vans must have a Class B driver’s license.) (10/6/04)
  • Approved of the distribution of information campuswide related to a condensed calendar. Condensed calendar committee is requesting input from College constituent groups by the end of the fall semester. PAC did not go on record in support of a condensed calendar, only the distribution of information. (10/6/04). Discussed again on 2/2/05 – will ask for recommendation from offices of Instruction and Student Services.
  • Completed a status report of the 2020 Vision Plan. (10/6/04) No further action will be taken until the Accreditation recommendations are received.
  • Approved the 2003-04 PAC accomplishments. Information will be shared with College committee chairs and posted on the web. (10/6/04)
  • Implemented Copier Cards and addressed needs of specific faculty (Political Science) for either more copies or a way to e-mail information to Printing Services. (11/3/04)
  • Worked on proposed Administrative Procedure 3250 – Institutional Planning (12/1/04). Appointed a sub-group to work on these two documents on 1/12/05. Approved revisions to policy on 2/2/05 and proposed administrative procedure.
  • Received College Committee Updates:
    • Institutional Effectiveness – 12/1/04
    • Assessment & Matriculation – 12/15/04
    • President's Advisory Council – 1/12/05
    • Institutional Effectiveness Committee – 2/2/05
    • Student Equity Committee – 2/2/05
    • Student Preparation & Success Council – 2/16/05
    • Curriculum & Instruction Council – 3/16/05
  • Received report from Becky Mitchell on Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (12/1/04)
  • Received update on prioritization of faculty positions to be flown. (12/1/04)
  • Received report on Enrollment Management Exercise Report (1/12/05)
  • Michelle Grimes-Hillman joined PAC on 1/12/05 – replacing Robertson Wellen
  • Received preliminary report of Governor’s proposed budget and its impact on Mt. SAC (1/12/05)
  • Received report on Title V External Evaluation Site Report (1/12/05)
  • Received report on College Grants (1/12/05)
  • In order to stay on top of the College budget, received report at each meeting from Vice President, Administrative Services – mainly work of President's Advisory Council, but also updates on current and upcoming College budget.
  • Received report on Student Equity Plan (2/2/05)
  • Disaster Preparedness – Heard several reports from Karen Saldana throughout the year. At the 3/16/05 meeting, PAC approved the tri-fold emergency response guide for printing for staff and for inclusion in the Student Handbook.
  • Recommended to the President that the College move forward toward a compressed calendar. (2/16/05)
  • Heard President's Advisory Council’s proposed Budget Allocation and Budget Review and Development Process. (3/16/05)
  • Appointed a Planning Process Task Force (3/16/05) to come up with a tangible way that the College can show how its planning processes are integrated and how they all go through PAC, the College’s main planning body.
  • Distributed the College committee year-end evaluation forms in March. (3/16/05)
  • April 6 and 20 – Meetings were dedicated to developing College goals. Goals completed on May 4, 2005.
  • Approved the new Budget Allocation and Budget Review and Development Process. (6/15/05)
  • Received report from the Year End College Committee Task Force and approved Task Force Recommendations. (6/15/05)
  • Membership ends for Sheryl Hullings, Bob Lee and Terri Smith Long. Bob Lee and Terri Smith Long will continue until new appointments. (6/15/05)

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