Dual Enrollment Mutual Agreement Committee (DEMAC)


DEMAC is the primary body for reaching mutual agreement between the faculty and administration on academic issues pertinent to dual enrollment and making recommendations regarding the implementation of dual enrollment

  1. Review and approve proposed dual enrollment agreements with K-12 partners. 
  2. Recommend proposed and ongoing College policies regarding dual enrollment programs. 
  3. Make recommendations for maintaining and improving the quality of the students' educational achievement in the College's dual enrollment classes. 
  4. Monitor the implementation of dual enrollment agreements with K-12 partners. 
  5. Review data on the College's dual enrollment agreements with K-12 partners and make recommendations as needed. 
    • Members 
      Dr. Joumana McGowan Associate Vice President, Instruction/Co-Chair Ongoing  Administration 
      Tannia Robles Student Services Manager 2017-19 Vice President, Student Services 
      Karelyn Hoover Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences  2017-20 Vice President, Instruction 
      Michelle Sampat  Associate Dean, Instruction  2017-18 Vice President, Instruction 
      Joel Monroy Interim Director, Dual Enrollment  2017-18 Administration 
      Francisco Dorame  Associate Dean, Counseling  Ongoing  Administration 
      Martin Ramey  President, Academic Senate or Designee /Co-Chair  Ongoing  Administration 
      Gary Enke  Faculty,  English 2017-18 Academic Senate 
      Steven Zicree Faculty, Mathematics 2017-19 Academic Senate
      Sara Mestas Faculty, Counseling  2017-20 Academic Senate 
      Eric Kaljumagi Faculty, Learning Assistance/Mathematics  2017-20 Faculty Association 
      Brian Moon Student Representative 2017-19 Associated Students 
      Dann Garcia  Student Representative 2017-2019 Associated Students 
    • Agenda 
      2017-18 Agenda 
    • Minutes 
      2017-18 Meeting Minutes 

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