2009-10 Gainful Employment Disclosure

Gainful Employment programs include all programs at public and not-for-profit institutions that do not lead to a degree, that are not fully transferable to a bachelor's degree program or that are not considered to be basic skills or preparatory course work for enrollment in an eligible program.

Recognized Occupations are those identified by a federal Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code established by the Office of Management and Budget, by an Occupational Network (O*NET-SOC) code established by the U.S. Department of Labor, or those determined by the U.S. Secretary of Education in consultation with the U.S. Secretary of Labor.

Accounting - Computerized
Accounting - Financial Planning
Accounting - Managerial
Administrative Assistant - Level II
Administrative Assistant - Level III
Air Conditioning And Refrigeration
Aircraft Maintenance Technology Evening
Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance Technology - Day
Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance Technology Evening
Airframe Maintenance Technology Day
Alcohol-Drug Counseling
Animation - 2D Multimedia
Animation 3D And CG Gaming
Architectural Technology - Design Concentration Level II
Architectural Technology - Design Level III
Architectural Technology - Level I
Architectural Technology - Technology Concentration Level II
Architectural Technology - Technology Concentration Level III
Building Automation
Business Management - Level II
Business Management - Level III
Children Program Certificate - Administration
Children Program Certificate - General - Level II
Children Program Certificate - General - Level III
Children Program Certificate - Small Business Management
Children Program Certificate Teaching
Computer Graphic Design Photography
Computer Systems Technology
Computer And Networking Technology Level I
Computer And Networking Technology Level II
Construction Inspection
Consumer Services
Correctional Sciences
Digital Photographic Technician
Educational Paraprofessional Level II
Electronic Systems Technology Level II
Electronics Communications
Electronics Industrial Systems
Electronics Technology
Electronics And Computer Engineering Technology
Emergency Medical Technician
Engineering Design Technology Level I
Engineering Design Technology Level II
Engineering Design Technology Level III
Escrow Management
Family Child Care
Fashion Design Level I
Fashion Design Level II
Fashion Merchandising Level I
Fashion Merchandising Level II
Fire Technology
Horse Ranch Management
Hospitality Catering
Hospitality Hospitality Management Level II
Hospitality Restaurant Management Level II
Human Resource Management - Level II
Human Resource Management - Level III
Infant Toddler Development
Interior Design Kitchen And Bath Specialization
Interior Design Level I
Interior Design Level II
Interior Design Level III
Interior Landscaping
International Business - Level II
International Business - Level III
Landscape Design And Construction
Landscape Equipment Technology
Landscape Irrigation
Landscape And Park Maintenance
Law Enforcement
Livestock Management
Manufacturing Technology
Marketing Management
Mental Health Technology Psychiatric Technician
Microcomputer Productivity Software
Nursery Management
Park Management
Pet Science
Programming In C Plus Plus
Programming In Visual Basic
Public Works Landscape Management
Radio Broadcasting Behind The Scenes
Radio Broadcasting On The Air
Real Estate
Real Estate Appraisal
Retail Business Management - Level II
Retail Business Management - Level III
School Age Child Specialization
Sign Language Interpreting
Small Business Management - Level II
Small Business Management - Level III
Sports Turf Management
Television Production
Tree Care And Maintenance
Water Technology
Web Design
Welder Automotive Welding, Cutting And Modification
Welder Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
Welder Licensed
Welding Semiautomatic Arc Welding