Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance Program

Mt. San Antonio College is part of the Department of Education's Quality Assurance Program.  The following will explain what Quality Assurance is and what it means to you at Mt. SAC.

What is the Institutional Quality Assurance (QA) Program?

The QA program is part of the Department of Education's Commitment to quality customer service.  As part of this program, institutions of higher education employ quality performance in the administration of Title IV student assistance programs.

As a participant in the Quality Assurance program Institutions are able to design and implement a verification policy applicable to the students at their institution.

The Purpose of QA

The purpose of Quality Assurance is to assure that data provided is accurate and correct, so that the delivery of Title IV student aid funds is conducted accurately, expediently, and with high integrity.  It also aids the institution in identifying ways to improve and facilitate its financial aid process, and reduces the amount of documentation required of most students who receive student aid.  Eventually best practices from Quality Assurance Institutions are incorporated into law for all Institutions in the nation.

What does this mean to you as a financial aid student at Mt. SAC?

Mt. SAC has designed and implemented our own verification policy based on QA data, and will place students in a verification or non-verification track during the initial computerized download of the Department of education's information to us from your FAFSA.  In addition the QA software tool will randomly select students to be involved in the verification of the data provided on the initial ISIR (SAR) the institution receives and the data on the ISIR (SAR) the student is paid on.  This Random sample will enable us to identify the high error areas that will be used to establish polices and procedures to rectify theses high error prone areas.

During this process we may ask for additional information from you.  You must respond to information requests in a timely manner or your Financial aid process may be delayed or canceled.