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Vocational ESL (VESL) Career Paths

 VESL Career Paths is a two-semester program designed to prepare advanced ESL students for academic and career success. VESL Career Paths combines courses in oral and written communication, career and life planning, and computer skills to help students move into college credit programs that lead to certificates and degrees. These courses are also designed to improve the chances of a job promotion or career progress for students with employment as their main goal.


Students who have completed Level 5 or Level 6 or test into Level 6 through our ESL Placement Test are eligible to join the VESL Program. No additional testing is required.

Enrollment and Class Schedule

The VESL Program is offered at the beginning of each semester. Registration closes by the end of the second week of the semester, and no new students are accepted into the program. VESL Career Paths offers both morning and evening classes.  For more information, please call (909) 274-5236.
To see samples of VESL student work, please visit www.mtsacvesl.pbworks.com

    • First Semester
      Required Courses:
      • VESL Speaking C
      • VESL Writing C
      • Computer Keyboarding
      • Career & Life Planning
      Recommended Courses:
      • Computer Keyboarding
      • Career & Life Planning
    • Second Semester
      Required Courses:
      • Microcomputer Applications
      Recommended Courses:
      • English (e.g. American Language*)
      • Elective (e.g. Principles of Business)
        * American Language (AMLA) is a credit class

Customized Business and Industry Training

Grow Your Business with English Language Training

Employers in today's marketplace face challenges like never before. One of the biggest challenges is your workforce: Finding, building, and keeping qualified people who will help your business grow.

Your employees today come from a variety of language groups. Their skills in languages other than English can be a great help in serving new markets. But limitations in English can undermine your success. Investing in English language training for your workers can help build your bottom line by building communication.

Improve customer service as your employees:
  • Understand customers on the phone or in person
  • Handle customer requests in writing
  • Use language that is not only correct but also appropriate and friendly
Improve quality, lessen losses, and improve safety as employees:
  • Understand written and spoken instructions
  • Ask questions and make suggestions
  • Accurately instruct others

English language training also raises employee morale and confidence, leading to a more stable workforce. Providing tailored training programs will enable you to quickly improve your employees' performance specifically for the workplace.

Mt. SAC´s ESL faculty are highly qualified to help your employees.
  • Masters degrees in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL)
  • A variety of backgrounds in specific industries
  • Solid experience teaching students of many different native languages
We can provide flexible training programs tailored to your needs.
  • Build on existing language curriculum or create an entirely new program
  • Set up training at your worksite or at a convenient satellite site for shared programs
  • Develop a one-time, short-term course or an ongoing training program
As a community college, Mt. SAC offers a competitive solution:
  • More than 50 years of experience in meeting the region's educational needs
  • Resources to deliver a quality training package for a reasonable fee

For more information, call (909) 274-5236.