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We believe that immersion into the English language and American culture is the fastest, most productive way for English learners to move forward with their education and careers. We speak only English in our classes. We focus on using English through speaking, writing, working in small groups and on project teams, and working with technology.

Our Level classes provide 14 - 17.5 hours per week of class time, which allows for a lot of practice. Because students have the same teacher and classmates through the week, they can feel comfortable and safe as they improve in using English. We strive for a learner-centered classroom, bringing in many opportunities to discuss and write about culture, relevant life experiences, current issues, and other interests of the students. At the advanced levels, we help prepare students to succeed in academic coursework such as the credit courses at Mt. San Antonio College.

We also believe that students are more likely to succeed when they have the supportive services they need to attain their educational and career goals. Our ESL labs, library, counseling, career guidance, and assessment/registration services are in close proximity to the students.