Community Education

Fee Classes - Dance

Beginning Belly Dance
Become acquainted with the ancient art of Belly Dance. Stretching exercises, dance specific movements and use of finger cymbals and veil are all taught.

Intermediate Belly Dance
Admission to class with instructor's permission. Intermediate skill levels developed including zill proficiency. More choreography and performance techniques.

Salsa Dancing: Basic
This program is an introduction to the basics of Salsa dancing in an easy and fun way just as they are being taught at dance studios, workshops, and local Salsa clubs in L.A. Participants will learn a basic introduction to the rhythm of the music (breaking on ONE) in slow, medium and fast tempos as well as the basic steps and turns used at popular Salsa clubs and events. We will be practicing the steps in “free style” (with no partner) and with partners. We will be rotating partners during practice so everyone will get a chance to dance with everyone in the group. At the end of the course, we will have learned a simple but fun combination that will help you “blend in” at your next Salsa event.

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