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Summer 2016 College for Kids

At Mt. SAC we are looking forward to working with your children this summer during our College for Kids Program. This is an opportunity for your children to expand, enhance or review areas of interest and study with the added benefit of introducing them to the college environment. Our entire staff is committed to making this a safe, positive and rewarding experience.
In order to ensure the safety and security of each child, we ask you to read and follow the General Policies and Procedures found at our website  You can also find the Medical Release Form and Daily Timeline at this site.
Our program runs Monday-Thursday.  The first class starts at 8:00am and the last one ends at 4:45pm. 
Session I:  June 19 – July 6
Fees:         $162 (does not include material fees)
Holidays:    None
Session II:  July 10 – July 27
Fees:          $162 (does not include material fees)
Holidays:     Tuesday, July 4

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Cartooning for Kids
This introduction class will teach children to create works of cartoon art. The class will explore fundamentals of drawing, design, and character development. Students will learn ways to best communicate their ideas in a fun and entertaining way while learning the foundation of academic drawing as it applies to animation. Students will receive hands-on instruction with hand drawn two-dimensional animation. 
Ceramics and Painting: Fun with Clay and Paint
All fired up and ready to get creative with mud and paint!  Hands-on instruction in ceramics and painting.  Explore ceramic hand building including mold, slab, coil and sculpture techniques and a variety of painting techniques.  Build and glaze functional ceramic projects.  Create original paintings using painting, drawing, collage and printing techniques.  All projects will be available to be picked up during the last week of classes.
Ceramics and Painting
Discover the artist inside you. Explore ceramic techniques including hand building and sculpting, as well as painting and printing techniques. Participants will build and glaze ceramic projects and create original paintings and prints in a variety of techniques. All projects will be available to be picked up during the last week of classes.
Healthy Cooking for Kids
Healthy Cooking for Kids is a culinary arts class designed for students 3rd to 8th grade. In this class students will have a fun time doing hands-on learning in a professional teaching kitchen. Some of the menu items include fruit salad, apricot scones with tea, salmon with rice and vegetables, spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce, and thin crust pizza, just to name a few. As the students make these meals they will be learning: healthy meal planning, healthy grocery shopping on a budget, how to store and cook food safely, how to use a stove and oven safely, how to maintain a cooking station; the “five mother sauces”; how to prepare many types of vegetables, the science behind cooking, as well as quick breads and yeast breads. Students will even learn how to properly clean their cooking station and do dishes!


Computer Animation: iMotion
This course will cover the basics and some advanced aspects of computer animation. Participants will learn the principles of animation using basic shapes, pre-made graphics and sounds. Applying the basics, they will then graduate to a more advanced level of animation, customizing their own graphics, sounds and effects.
Graphic Design: iDesign, iPublish
Participants will work together in teams running a make-believe Magazine Publishing agency. Students will rotate within groups (production departments) to be involved in the different aspects of creating a magazine. These production departments will focus on Journalism (using page layout software), Graphic Design (using photo imaging software) and Print Making (using a large format printer and binding techniques). No experience necessary, lots of imagination required...
Digital Media: App Design for Kids
In this project based course, students will explore app/game development. Students will learn how to create interesting motion graphics. They will learn about the aesthetics of design, motion and sound. By constructing user interactive games, students will be challenged to think in a non-linear way. Students will learn to use a combination of logical reasoning (basic programming), critical thinking and artistic creativity.  Participants will have an opportunity to create fun games such as Pong, Brick Breaker, PinBall, Frogger, Asteroids, Star Fighter and others.
Introduction to Computer Keyboarding
Introduction to Computer Keyboarding prepares students for the requirements of the Common Core Standards where students must be able to type multiple practical paragraphs as part of its implementation. This course is specially designed to teach kids how to use a computer keyboard in an interactive manner and learn basic keyboarding and introductory typing skills. Students learn proper typing technique, basic typing position, posture, practice key stroking, spacing, return, and other typing skills. This course is an excellent way to build typing skills in young learners and prepare them to type multiple paragraphs.
Project Design
This course is designed to prepare students using the concepts identified for 21st Century Skills through problem-based and project-based learning. Integrating critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills, students will learn how to use different resources to collect, organize and present information. Students in this class will use PowerPoint, Publisher, and other forms of electronic media to create and present their work. Class participants will also be asked to participate in a collaborative final project.

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The Reading and Writing Experience
This program is designed to enrich and enhance your child's reading and writing skills. They will build their fluency and comprehension skills. The class will also focus on the four basic writing styles: narrative, expository, descriptive and informative. We will journey through the writing process with an array of exciting projects. 
Study Skills-How to Get that “A”: Students focus on skills needed to be successful in class. Interesting skill-building activities will be used to improve student achievement in the areas of note taking, paragraph and report writing, summarizing, reading comprehension, test taking and vocabulary building. These skills will greatly enhance your child’s success throughout their future school years. This will be a fun, fast-paced class designed to raise your child’s study, writing and test-taking skills.
Reading Comprehension
Students focus on different styles of writing, from poems and plays to fiction and nonfiction. They will learn how to decipher the meaning of words through context and understand plot, character, and settings. They will analyze stories for themes and relationships. Focus will be on critical thinking and summarizing the main idea.
A Creative Writing Workshop
Have you ever felt that you had a story inside just bursting to come out, but didn't quite know how to get started? Then this is the class for you! Learn how to brainstorm topics, create a great "hook" lay out an appropriate setting, develop believable characters, plot out an engaging storyline and publish the completed work for friends and family. Greatly improve your writing mechanics-spelling, punctuation, grammar and editing. By the end of the course, you will have a self-published composition ready for presentation. Past participants are encouraged and welcome to attend. They will have the opportunity to further their writing and editing skills, producing one or two finished pieces.
Advanced Writing Skills
Topic sentences, main ideas, supporting sentences, commentary sentences­­ ­- learn how to put it all together and make it interesting. Students will focus on turning their writing skills into captivating pieces of literature from narratives, expository writings and persuasive writings.
Speech and Presentation Skills 
Are you afraid to talk in front of a group of people? Learn to command attention in front of a crowd. Speak clearly and loud for everyone to hear. Students will learn how to debate their ideas with confidence and how to overcome nervousness.


Conversational Spanish I
Conversational Spanish I ¿Hola, como estan? Conversational Spanish is designed for students without knowledge of the language. This is a practical course that develops the skills necessary to converse with Spanish-speaking people. The primary focus will be on oral communication as well as vocabulary building.

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All about Fractions
Fractions can be a difficult concept to understand. This class will focus on all the rules one needs to know about fractions.   Participants will learn about lowest common denominators, comparing fractions, adding/subtracting/multiplying / dividing fractions and much more. Each lesson will include manipulative and will culminate to creating game board using all of the rules taught.
Math Review and Improvement
Does your child need extra help with fractions? What about subtraction, multiplication and division? Help with understanding ratios and percentages? We will identify those problem areas and improve your son/daughter needs with tools to better understand and apply math concepts. They will also gain confidence and expand their self-esteem.
Pre-Algebra Concepts
This class is designed for students who are preparing to enter pre-algebra/algebra. The course will include the study of real number systems, integers, writing and solving equations, solving inequalities, basic factoring, and an introduction to the Pythagorean Theorem. Problem-solving skills are emphasized and constantly monitored for understanding.
Introduction to Algebra
This class is designed to prepare students who are entering algebra. The class will introduce algebra skills including: solving equations and inequalities, integers and absolute values, areas and perimeter, factors and monomials, negative exponent and proportions. Students continue their progress with consecutive courses going more in depth.
Algebra I
This class is designed for students who are entering algebra, or who have already taken algebra and want more clarification and practice with the concepts of algebra. Algebra I will include the study of: variables and proportions, graphing and solving equations, working with multivariable equations, and solving systems of equations. Students may continue this study of mathematics in Algebra Part II.
Algebra II
This class is designed for students who are entering algebra, or who have already taken algebra and want more clarification of the concepts of algebra. This course will build on the “Algebra I” class, but it is not required to take Algebra II.   In this course, students will explore the concepts of: slope equations, factoring and graphing quadratics and the quadratic formula, solving and graphing inequalities, methods of simplifying and solving equations, completing the square, and deriving the quadratic formula.
Introduction to Geometry
This class is designed to prepare students who are beginning geometry. The class will introduce area and perimeter of polygons, including hexagons, trapezoids and parallelograms. Students will understand the parts of a circle and understand how pi is derived. Emphasis will be on logic and proof statements. Classes will be adjusted to the level of the students accordingly.
Want to learn how to make geometric shapes out of construction paper so they can fly? Want to discover the concepts of geometric shapes, size and why they are so beautiful? Join the fun academics of Geometry. Students will engage the basic concepts of various formulas, terms, angles, figures, area, perimeter and the famous Pythagorean Theorem formula.
Solving Word Problems is Fun!
Students will develop the skills needed to solve multi-step word problems through the use of different strategies and manipulatives.
Money Management for Kids
Students will learn specific techniques in budgeting! This is a basic course in practical money skills. Students will identify and prioritize personal and financial goals, create a plan to achieve those goals, and provide practice setting up and maintaining a personal budget. Students will understand and find sale prices for clothing; they will understand the basics of checkbook accounting and will learn the value of the dollar.

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The World of Physics: Rockets, Coasters, and Waves
In this section of the World of Physics, we will be exploring several aspects of Physics: The Laws of Motion and Light and Sound. Students will design, construct, test and launch a 2-Liter bottle rocket. Rockets designed by past students have soared well over 200 feet in the air - powered only by air and water! Students will study potential and kinetic energy as we construct our own roller coasters! We will also hear and see the physics of light and sound as we “surf” these waves to understand how they work! The second installment of World of Physics - Bridges, Motors, and Matter is offered during Session Two. It will build on even more amazing wonders in the World of Physics.
The World of Physics: Bridges, Motors, and Matter
In this section of the World of Physics, we will be exploring even more aspects of Physics: Physical Forces and Electricity and Magnetism. We will put up a fight against the force of gravity as we design and construct popsicle stick bridges. We will test to see how much weight our bridges can hold before gravity wins! Bridges that were constructed in the past have held more than 200 times their weight before collapsing! We will also study electricity and magnetism and how they can be combined into a working motor that we build ourselves! Lastly, we will explore density, buoyancy, and heat using liquids, solids, and gases. The World of Physics - Rockets, Coasters, and Waves is offered during Session One. This is a separate course and is NOT required to take Bridges, Motors, and Matter.
Introduction to Chemistry
Open your mind to the field of chemistry. Chemistry for kids will allow you to investigate and learn the basics to establish a strong foundation. Daily laboratory activities will provide great hands-on experience for such topics, such as chemical reactions, state changes of matter, acid and base chemistry and much more. You will be introduced to the Periodic Table of Elements in a fashion that will enable you to remember the content for future classes. If you want a fun challenge, this class is for you.
CSI: Forensic Investigator
"Elementary, my dear Watson, the butler did it." Or did he? Enter this fascinating world of forensic science by examining fingerprints, fabric, toxicology, and hair samples to determine if the butler really did commit the crime. Students will journey into detective mystery writing and from their experiences in the lab they will create a mystery of their own. Learn practical applications of the scientific method and discover a new area of investigative science.
VEX Robotics for Kids
VEX Robotics for Kids is an exciting hands-on introduction to Robotics.  Kids learn basic robotic construction, programing & teamwork skills. In groups of two or three, kids use VEX building elements, motors and microcontrollers to build metal robots. Students build their robots, program them, and compete against their classmates in classroom robot competitions.


Kids Klub
Come join us for the last period of the day, filled with fun and educational activities. There will be on campus field trips, sports, martial arts demonstration by the Mt. SAC Martial Arts Department, and lots of other fun things to do and see.

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