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Atta Bear

2014: Recognizing exemplary employee dedication and service.

Atta Bear is a hand carved wooden bear clad in Mountie maroon and is awarded monthly to a Mt. SAC employee, group, or department that demonstrates the Mt. SAC spirit, outstanding service to the college, and/or extraordinary teaching. The current Atta Bear recipient selects the following month’s recipient. In addition to the bear statue, each honoree receives a congratulatory message on the college marquee, a framed award, and other forms of recognition like this one.

September 2014: Kate Morales

Kate Morales Computer Services Coordinator Kate Morales was selected for the September Atta Bear by August recipient Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Jean Su, who wrote: "Kate is the heart of Information Technology. She is loved and respected not only by her own department but by anyone with the privilege of working with her. Kate always finds the answers to our questions, takes care of our paperwork and finds resolutions to our requests. Kate always has good leads for information she doesn't know, while guiding us to find the appropriate resource. Kate tackles any problem given to her and makes sure it gets resolved, even after hours if need be. Thank you, Kate, for all you do."

August 2014: Jean Su

Jean Sue Information Technology's Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer Jean Su was selected for the August Atta Bear by July recipient Athletic Eligibility Specialist Anisurei Escalera, who wrote: "Jean has made my job so much easier. We have been working together on a very important project for more than six months and throughout the process Jean has been patient and diligent in getting all of the pieces together. She is very friendly and working with her has been a joy. She has helped me every step of the way and the outcomes so far have been outstanding. We make a great team!"

July 2014: Anisurei Escalera

Anisurei EscaleraAthletic Eligibility Specialist Anisurei Escalera was selected for the July Atta Bear by June recipient Clerical Specialist Laura Demitria, who wrote: "I wanted to nominate Ani Escalera for the Atta Bear Award not only because she helps me out of a bind so often, but because she helps so many others, including staff, faculty and students. Ani always goes above and beyond to obtain vital information to assist in making Athletic trips go smoothly. She has great communication skills and makes things happen! She is a go-to person. And you can always count on that winning smile! Thank you and job well done, Ani!"

June 2014: Laura Demitria

Laura Demitria Facilities Planning and Management Clerical Specialist Laura Demitria was selected for the June Atta bear by May recipient, Humanities & Social Sciences Division Secretary Kim Garcia, who wrote: "Laura Demitria is always so pleasant and willing to assist our division with each inquiry and request. Sometimes our requests are last minute and seem to be impossible to fulfill, but Laura always comes through for us. Her jovial, friendly demeanor makes it such a pleasure to work with. Laura is extremely helpful, surpasses all expectations with outstanding service, and demonstrates through her attitude and daily kindness the spirit of Mt. SAC."

May 2014: Kim Garcia

Kim GarciaHumanities & Social Sciences Division Secretary Kim Garcia was selected for the May Atta Bear by April recipient, Admissions & Records Assistant Director Patricia Montoya, who wrote: "Kim is always willing to assist Admissions & Records and takes the time to listen to and assist students and staff with questions regarding grade changes, course enrollment information, eligibility or anything else. Kim is an outstanding representative of Humanities and is a great asset to the college. She thoroughly researches every issue and has such a caring nature. Kim exemplifies the spirit of Mt. SAC!"

April 2014: Patricia Montoya

Patricia MontoyaAdmissions & Records Assistant Director Patricia Montoya was selected for the April Atta Bear by March recipient, Clerical Specialist Rosemary Rodriguez, who wrote: "Patricia, on a daily basis, is always available to assist students and fellow colleagues with any questions they may have regarding residency or any admissions application in general. She has such a caring nature and always takes the time to listen to students, which they really appreciate, knowing her busy schedule. Paty is the true spirit of Mt. SAC!"

March 2014: Rosemary Rodriguez

Rosemary RodriguezClerical Specialist Rosemary Rodriguez was selected for the March Atta Bear by February recipient Project/Program Coordinator Jacolyn Martinez, who wrote: "Rosemary greets students and staff with a warm smile and a happy 'Hello' on a daily basis. She helps the students with their financial aid needs but goes on to ask them how they are doing in their classes and listens to their concerns. Students stop by her office area just to say “Hi” and to let her know how much her concern means to them. Rosemary supports our athletic programs as well. You’ll see her on the football and soccer field cheering “Go Mounties!” She has done so much for the sports teams. Rosemary is the spirit of Mt. SAC!"

February 2014: Jacolyn Martinez

Jacolyn MartinezProject/Program Coordinator Jacolyn Martinez was selected for the February Atta Bear by January recipients Help Desk Staff Jacquelyn Grier, Raul Magdaleno, and Tan Wilton, who wrote: "Jacolyn is one of the best go-to persons at the college. She's always willing to accommodate the help desk when we need student information and pin number resets. She never hesitates to help us even when it's quite busy in her department. If she can't do it now she'll certainly do it later! I'm proud to hand the Atta Bear to a deserving person!"

January 2014: IT Help Desk

IT Help DeskHelp Desk Staff Jacquelyn Grier, Raul Magdaleno and Tan Wilton were selected for the January Atta Bear by November recipient Database Administrator Werner Vorster, who wrote: "The IT Help Desk consists of a small group of individuals who provide a wide range of services to so many people. Whether it be a single user needing assistance or a campuswide registration issue, this team remains calm and professional while providing the much-needed support. For all their help and assistance, I thank and congratulate them."


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