Photo Name Title Office Location Email Phone
Photo of Barry Andrews Barry Andrews Department Chair & Professor  18A-3 bandrewsAT_mtsac.edu (909) 274 - 4943
Photo of Vic Zamora Vic Zamora Professor  18A-10 vzamoraAT_mtsac.edu (909) 274 - 4512
Photo of John Blyzka John Blyzka Professor  18A-8 jblyzkaAT_mtsac.edu (909) 274 - 4942
Photo of Anna Degtyareva Anna Degtyareva Professor  18A-4 adegtyarevaAT_mtsac.edu (909) 274 - 7500 x 3041
Photo of Jim Gau Jim Gau Professor  18A-8 jgauAT_mtsac.edu (909) 274 - 4841
 Photo of Jaishri Mehta Jaishri Mehta Professor  18A-9 jmehtaAT_mtsac.edu (909) 274 - 4655
 Rich Patterson Richard Patterson Professor 18A-2 rpattersonAT_mtsac.edu (909) 274 - 5168
 Sohair Zaki Dr. Sohair Zaki Professor 18A-9 szaki5AT_mtsac.edu (909) 274 - 4825

Adjunct Faculty

Name Title Email
Theresa Berry Professor tberryAT_mtsac.edu
John Cameron Professor jcameron4AT_mtsac.edu
Paul Chiu Professor pchiu7AT_mtsac.edu
Heinrich Dy Professor hdyAT_mtsac.edu
Cynthia Erbe Professor cerbeAT_mtsac.edu
Corinne Hartmann Professor chartmannAT_mtsac.edu
James Holbert Professor jholbertjrAT_mtsac.edu
Francis Kowalski Professor fkowalskiAT_mtsac.edu
Clair Mason Professor cmasonAT_mtsac.edu
Ross Paz Professor rpaz7AT_mtsac.edu
Merilu Prehn Professor mprehnAT_mtsac.edu
Jesus Rubio Professor jrubio10AT_mtsac.edu
Alexia Sokol Professor asokolAT_mtsac.edu
Josephine Syiem Professor jsyiemAT_mtsac.edu
Paul Syiem Professor psyiemAT_mtsac.edu
Gina Zelaya Professor gzelayaAT_mtsac.edu