June 2002

TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2002

Mt. SAC Fall Telephone Registration Begins July 10

Walnut, CA … New and returning students can register for Mt. San Antonio College's 2002 fall semester credit classes by telephone beginning July 10 through August 7.

To register by touch-tone telephone, students may call (909) 595-6722 to add classes, drop classes, and make scheduling changes. The service is available 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Saturday. To use the telephone registration system, students must check their permit to register. Students will not be allowed to register before the date and time on their permit.

New students need to submit an application for enrollment to the college's Admissions and Records Office located on the lower level of the campus Student Services Building. The Admissions Office is open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Students who are new to Mt. SAC must also contact the Counseling Office to sign up for an orientation session.

Schedules for Mt. SAC's spring semester, which begins August 12, are available at local public libraries, the Mt. SAC Admissions and Records Office, the college administration building reception desk, the Mt. SAC library, and the campus bookstore. The schedule is also available at the Mt. SAC web site at http://www.mtsac.edu.

For more information on registration for the fall semester, call the Mt. SAC Admissions and Records Office at (909) 594-5611, ext. 4415.

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Mt. SAC to Hold Presidential Candidate Town Hall Meeting

Walnut, CA … Mt. San Antonio College will hold a town hall meeting for Mt. SAC’s final presidential candidates on Tuesday, June 25, 2 p.m., in the college’s Sophia B. Clarke Theater.

The public is invited to attend.

The town hall meeting will be an opportunity for the presidential finalists to respond to questions and to address key issues in education in this open forum format. One of the candidates will replace the current college president Bill Feddersen, who is retiring after 11 years at Mt. SAC.

For more information, call the Mt. SAC Human Resources Office at (909) 594-5611, ext. 4225.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2002

Mt. SAC to Offer Summer German Class

Walnut, CA … The Mt. San Antonio College Foreign Languages Department will offer evening German classes this summer during Mt. SAC’s second summer session, which begins July 1.

Learn German conversation, reading, and writing for travel, business, and fun. German I will be offered Monday and Thursday evenings, from 7 to 10 p.m. Earn college credit while you learn the language that is the native tongue for more than 100 million people in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

For more information on German classes at Mt. SAC, call (909) 594-5611, ext. 4570.

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Mt. SAC Holds Annual Partnership Breakfast

Walnut, CA … Mt. San Antonio College will honor its outstanding partnerships at the seventh annual Partnership Awards Breakfast, "Partners for Success," June 28, 7:30 a.m., at Mountain Meadows Country Club in Pomona.

The awards breakfast is held to acknowledge community businesses, agencies, and organizations that have developed partnerships with Mt. SAC. More than 100 area businesses are expected to attend as campus offices and departments honor their outstanding community partners.

Sixteen campus offices and departments will honor outstanding community partnerships. Awards from these campus departments will be given to the following recipients: Community Education and Economic Development, Pacific Palms Conference Resort; Exercise Science/Wellness, Shea Homes; Information and Educational Technology, Cornerstone Systems, Inc., of Santa Ana; Career Placement Services, Washington Mutual; The Training Source, Jikei America Center L.A., Inc.; Small Business Development Center, County of Los Angeles Community Development Commission; President's Office, Shilo Hilltop Suites; the Mt. SAC Relays, the City of Walnut; the Center for Business Performance & Training, Ready Pac Produce of Irwindale; Basic Skills and Special Programs, the Covina High School Athletic Department; the Technology and Health Division, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Baldwin Park; the Mt. SAC Foundation, Reynolds Buick-GMC Trucks, Institutional Advancement, Citizens for Mt. SAC; Student Health Services, Cal Poly Pomona Student Health Services; the Histotechnology Program, Kaiser Regional Laboratory in North Hollywood; and the Regional Health Occupations Resource Center, Los Angeles Metropolitan Alliance.

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Mt. SAC to Graduate First Health Care Interpreting Class

Walnut, CA … Mt. San Antonio College will hold a graduation ceremony for its first class of Health Care Interpreting students, to be held Thursday, June 27, 7:30 p.m., in the college’s Sophia B. Clarke Theater.

The 39 graduating students are part of the Mt. SAC Community Education and Economic Development Division’s newest heath care program, the Health Care Interpreting Program, which opened in fall 2001. Health care interpreters facilitate linguistic and cultural communication between patients and health care providers, and are trained in bilingual and bicultural interpretation in health care settings.

The goal of the program is to increase the number of trained interpreters to meet the growing needs of ethnically diverse communities. This program is a collaborative effort between Mt. SAC’s English as a Second Language Program, the Regional Health Occupations Resource Center, and the Welcome Back International Worker Assistance Program.

For more information, call the Mt. SAC Welcome Back International Health Worker Assistance Center at (909) 594-5611, ext. 6102.

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Mt. SAC to Hold Transfer Fest

Walnut, CA … The Mt. San Antonio College Advising Center will sponsor Transfer Fest 2002, an event to recognize Mt. SAC students who are planning to transfer to a baccalaureate level college or university, to be held Thursday, June 27, 5:30 p.m., in the Student Life Center.

Information on transferring will be available, and transfer students will be recognized with certificates.

For more information, call the Mt. SAC Advising Center at (909) 594-5611, ext. 5676.

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Two Roles in One Place

Walnut, Calif… Mt. San Antonio College’s (Mt. SAC) Administrative Services Department has a new executive assistant. Denise Lindholm, a Southern California native and current Claremont resident was added to the administrative staff in April. She brings with her years of experience and hopes to be with the College for an extended period of time.

As the executive assistant for administrative services, some of Lindholm’s duties are to assist the vice president of the department along with answering any questions the general public and the students may have regarding the College.

Although Lindholm has only been on the Mt. SAC payroll for a couple of months, she been on campus much longer.
Lindholm has been a student at Mt. SAC for the past year and is pursuing a certificate in interiors merchandising. "The transition from employee to student is easy," she says, "after work I can just walk to class."

The duality of student and employee for the College has not been a problem. When asked about her job, Lindholm gives her occupation, other than that she does not publicize it. Since she has not been working for the College very long, she finds that her professors and classmates do not give her any special treatment, "I’m just another student." Lindholm says.

As a new employee, Lindholm has found her co-workers to be great and very friendly, "they welcomed me with open arms" Lindholm said. As for her supervisor, Lindholm said there is a good connection. There has to be chemistry for people to work well together and she believes there is great chemistry between the two.
Despite being new to the department, Lindholm is not new to the field. She has worked as an administrative assistant for the past 20 years. She brings to Mt. SAC a diverse background in purchasing, accounting, and administration.

Lindholm has a take charge type of attitude said Vice President of Administrative Services Nancy Rice. She is thorough, creative, bright, and flexible. "I consider it a luxury to have an assistant as capable as Denise." Rice said.

"I have high standards," said Rice. "I need to know that if I’m out, someone can channel the requests of the office and Denise is rising to the task."
Lindholm is a reflection of the office itself, Rice considers her an extension of her position, "She makes life easier" said Rice.

As for future plans, Lindholm intends on continuing to live in Claremont while working for the College the next ten years until retirement. She would also like to use her Mt. SAC certificate on the side, in the field of interior design sales.

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The Right Feeling

Walnut, Calif…. The Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) Information and Educational Technology’s (IET) Help Desk has a new coordinator at its helm. Since the 20th of May, Jacquelyn Grier has been settling into her role as coordinator and is now ready to apply all the skills and experience that she has to the position.

Grier has been a resident of Ontario for the past year. In her previous position she was the help desk lead for the City of Long Beach. Everyday she would pass Mt. SAC on her way to work and wondered what it would be like to work there.

Now, Grier is beginning to find out. "I love it," said Grier. "It’s like I was suppose to be here."
Some of Grier’s duties as coordinator include staff scheduling, drawing out quality and service reports, along with surveys from users and the community. One of the key goals she would like to accomplish is to establish first call resolutions for users. She would like for each attendant to have more mainframe knowledge in order to help the users directly instead of having to go through technical support first.

No other coordinator has had the skills that Grier brings to the position," said Dale Vickers, director of IET. With her mainframe background, Vickers also hopes to get a lot of the troubleshooting taken care of at the Help Desk.

The Help Desk is still fairly new and has plenty of potential for growth said Grier. She would like to help in the growth process by bringing in fresh ideas. The Help Desk is the central point of contact on the campus for technical issues, support, guidance, and direction. Dealing with these critically important issues is what the coordinator position calls for and Vickers said, "She will work out great."

"Grier has a lot of background and experience," said Vickers. She has a positive outlook that "made it easy to choose" her for the position he added. "It feels right," said Grier. Everyone has welcomed her with open arms and expressed both respect and happiness to see her.

As for long term goals, Grier would like to have at least two full time employees for the Help Desk and perhaps more long term employees overall. In regards to her personal goals, Grier can see herself working for the College for an indefinite period of time, "until I die," she said.

Returning to a Familiar Place for a Challenge

Walnut, Calif…. As a former Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) student, Lucy DeLeon is back on campus to make a difference. DeLeon is now the new clerical specialist for student services. She is only a couple of weeks into the job and she loves it.

Originally from Pomona, DeLeon now lives in Chino. One of the reasons why DeLeon chose to work with Mt. SAC was because she was looking for a challenge. She was looking for the type of atmosphere where she could help people one on one.

In her previous position of nine years as a state employee, DeLeon did not have an opportunity to help others. At Mt. SAC, she feels she is able to really help those who are trying to excel in life.

DeLeon has all the right qualifications said Dean of Student Services, Carolyn Keys. DeLeon has the skills and the experience that go along with her energy and high level of motivation. "She takes an assignment and runs with it," said Keys.

As an alumna of Mt. SAC from the class of 1995, DeLeon feels very honored to be part of the Mt. SAC staff. "I didn’t know how hard it was to get into the College until after I got the job," said DeLeon. "I must really be part of the best."

One of the key differences that DeLeon saw in Mt. SAC and her previous position came out in the interview process itself. "I was asked questions that I had never been asked before," said DeLeon "these questions went beyond the job and were about me as a person." It was at this point where DeLeon realized that the College was looking for much more than someone who had the skills, they wanted someone who was the right type of person.

On the other end of the interview process, DeLeon was the "top candidate" said Keys. She has the professionalism that the department needs along with the personality that fits. "I’m very pleased with her," Keys said.

DeLeon said she is adjusting to her new role and is learning the ropes. She has a passion for helping others and ultimately she would like to become a teacher. "There are rewards in helping someone be a better person," said DeLeon, "Rewards worth much more than anything tangible."

DeLeon would like to be at Mt. SAC about five years and perhaps settle in the city of La Verne in the long run.

For now, DeLeon has been overwhelmed with the warm welcome she has received. She is in awe of the interest that everyone has for one another. She feels ready to step up and help with whatever she can.

DeLeon "knows what I want" said Keys. She takes initiative and brings innovation.

In regards to how she has liked working for Mt. SAC thus far, DeLeon gave a short response. " I love it," she said.

Sociology Professor Trades in Corporate Life to Teach at Mt. SAC

Walnut, Calif..... An expert in demography and aging, Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) Professor Rebecca Hatch was looking for several years to trade in her corporate job for a college professorship. Now a full-time sociology professor, Hatch says she loves Mt. SAC and appreciates the diversity she finds there.

"I love the diversity of the student body," explains Hatch. "Diversity adds such an important dimension to the learning environment and enriches my life every day." Hatch teaches Introduction to Sociology, Child Development and Social Problems, and may next year add Gerontology to her list of classes.

Prior to entering the world of higher education, Hatch worked in managed health care, focusing on health planning and analysis. Her expertise in demography and aging was applied to forecasting the utilization rates of medical equipment in Southern California. She also forecasted the treatment of AIDS and conducted strategic and business planning, both on a regional basis.

With a doctorate degree in sociology from the University of Southern California and a lifetime teaching credential for kindergarten through ninth grades, Hatch was well prepared for teaching. Hatch began her teaching career at California Lutheran University where she taught sociology. She also taught math at a middle school in South Pasadena, where she also resides.

"Open, full time sociology positions are scarce and I was fortunate to be selected for this position," says Hatch, referring to Mt. SAC. Since she is new to teaching at Mt. SAC, Hatch appreciates the support of her colleagues. "I have great admiration for my colleagues in the Sociology and Philosophy Department," she says. "They are great teachers and role models."
Along with her colleague, Professor Linda Rillorta,
Hatch coordinates the Sociology Club at Mt. SAC. Club members work on a student journal to publish student works. Hatch also plans to invite recent Mt. SAC graduates back to visit with current students and share their work experiences. Other club activities include seminars and workshops to augment learning and to help direct the academic and career goals of students.

For more information about Mt. SAC's sociology and philosophy offerings, contact the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences at (909) 594-5611, extension 4570.


Love of Science, Environment, Students Steers Mt. SAC Professor's Commitment

Walnut, Calif..... From assisting minority students with transfer to four-year universities to protecting our local environment, Anatomy/Physiology Professor Elizabeta "Beta" Meyer does much more than teach a full load of science courses. In her first year at Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC), Meyer has focused her energies on establishing new programs, building learning resources, campus recycling, and mentoring, in addition to teaching multiple anatomy, biology, and physiology courses.

"So far, I have had a privileged experience. I have had colleagues and administrators who are supportive, and students who are trying to learn. I have tried many things to help student learning, and have been given space to do so," says Meyer of her experience at Mt. SAC. "I have wanted to be a teacher for about fifteen years and am happy to be here: it's definitely a dream come true."

Having initially planned to become a veterinarian, Meyer studied the similarities and differences between organ systems and functions in animals, but eventually redirected her studies to human and biomedical systems. She completed her undergraduate work at the University of Pennsylvania and graduate work at Michigan

State University, where she got her first taste of teaching. "I taught at the Michigan State University Medical Schools while finishing my Ph.D.," explains Meyer. "This was my first time teaching my own classes and I loved it!"

Since her parents were both academics, Meyer observed the life of teachers firsthand and initially decided that it was too time intensive for her. "I had never given teaching much thought until I found out how rewarding it is to see a student actually understand how something works." It appears characteristic of Meyer to go beyond the call of duty and to eagerly delve into her interests. Building upon what was then a newfound passion for teaching, Meyer participated in Michigan State University's Science Education Program, through which she assisted in the development of junior high/high school science curricula and in training a select group of student scholars. Of her experience she states: "It was amazing to me how much went into education! I gained huge respect for my professors and teachers."

Similarly at Mt. SAC, Meyer has a full plate of activities and many ideas for the future. "I am trying to get funding for a program that would enable minority students to gain money for education and transfer," she explains. Called the NIH Bridges to the Future Program (by the National Institutes of Health), it would benefit all Mt. SAC students, with a select group directly receiving assistance through workshops, mentoring, and support. Meyer also hopes to build a smaller, pilot program - to lead into the NIH Program - which will assist students in math and chemistry - subject areas used by physiology students.

Improving the physical environment is another priority of Meyer's, who puts her training in environmental toxicology to good use in this effort. "I am an ardent supporter of environmental conservation and recycling," she explains. "I have participated in the Environment Action Group for a Livable Earth activities … I really enjoy activities that protect our resources and environment." This year, the College club - known as EAGLE - worked to clean up beaches and to organize Earth Day events on campus.

With still more to come, Meyer plans to get involved with Mt. SAC's Teacher Preparation Institute, through which she can lend her expertise in teaching science. She also hopes to become more involved in mentoring allied health majors and eventually, to help establish a biotech program at Mt. SAC. "There is a huge market for people with biotech lab skills, and I am eager to show students the market, and train them for these job skills," she adds.

For more information about the anatomy and physiology offerings at Mt. SAC, please call the Natural Sciences Division Office at (909) 594-5611, extension 4425.


MONDAY, JUNE 03, 2002

Mt. SAC Flying Team Takes Top CC Trophy

Walnut, CA … The Mt. San Antonio College Flying Team won honors as the Top Community College in the United States at the Intercollegiate Flying Association's national competition, May 18, at Ohio State University.

Flying teams from 27 colleges and universities competed in the national airmeet, including teams from Ohio State, Embry-Riddle University, the U.S. Air Force Academy, Southern Illinois University, and others.

In the community college aviation competition, Mt. SAC won first place ahead of second-place Central Texas College and third-place Texas State Technical College. In addition to the top community college award, Mt. SAC also won the Competition Safety Award and tied for second place for the American Airlines Safety Award. Overall, Mt. SAC placed eighth among community colleges and universities competing at the airmeet.

Individually, Mt. SAC Flying Team members also earned honors. The Mounties’ Michelle Bathalter of San Dimas won one of the Women’s Achievement Awards, and Tracy Perkins of La Puente took third place in Top Female Pilot category. Team Coach David Todd of Pomona placed third in the Flight Instructor event.

The Mt. SAC Flying Team consistently earns top honors as one of the best collegiate flying teams in the country. Mt. SAC's Flying Team has won the Top U.S. Community College award at the Intercollegiate Flying Association's national airmeets in 1984, 1985, 1995, and 2000, and Mt. SAC has won the Top Community College trophy for the regional competition every year since 1989.

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Mt. SAC Football to Hold 'Camp of Champions'

Walnut, CA … The players and coaches of the Mt. SAC Football Team will hold their fifth annual Camp of Champions, a four-day instructional football camp for children age 7-14, to be held Monday through Thursday, July 8-11, at Mt. SAC.

The football camp will teach the techniques of conditioning, catching, passing, tackling, running, and blocking. All sessions will be taught by Mt. SAC coaches and demonstrated by Mt. SAC players. Mt. SAC is the home of the 1997 National Championship Mounties and the 2000 Mission Conference Champs.

Registration fees are $100 with football cleats, $75 without cleats.

To sign up for the Mt. SAC Football Camp of Champions, call (909) 594-5611, ext. 4883.

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Mt. SAC Foundation Sponsors Fifth Hot Blues & Cool Jazz Concert

Walnut, CA … Blues guitarist/vocalist Coco Montoya and pianist Jim Brickman will headline the Mt. San Antonio College Foundation's Fifth Annual Hot Blues & Cool Jazz concert fund-raiser on Saturday, August 10, at the Herbert Hafif family estate in La Verne.

Montoya’s apprenticeship with the blues came when touring as a drummer with blues legend Albert Collins for five years. He then signed up as a guitarist for 10 years with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. Montoya, who is a former W. C. Handy Award winner, has released four solo recordings. His fifth and latest recording, "Can’t Look Back," is due out June 4 on the Alligator label.

Brickman, a singer/songwriter/pianist who plays contemporary music, had his start as a jingles writer for companies such as McDonald’s, Coke, and General Electric. Since his 1994 debut, he has logged a pair of gold albums and a Top 50 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles. Brickman’s latest album is his 2001 recording, "Simple Things."

Opening the concert is the Mo Evans Band led by bandleader Morris "Mo" Evans who was taught how to play harmonica by blues legend Sonny Boy Williamson. He has played with some of the greats in blues music, including B.B. King, Robben Ford, and Buddy Guy.

All proceeds from this event benefit the Mt. SAC Foundation's scholarship programs and activities.

Tickets are $70 and include an Outback Steakhouse dinner, the concert, and parking. Gates open at 5 p.m.

For tickets, call the Mt. SAC Performing Arts Box Office at (909) 468-4050.

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Art Gallery Presents Emeritus Programs Exhibit

Walnut, CA … The Mt. San Antonio College Art Gallery will present an exhibit of artwork by students in Mt. SAC’s Lifelong Learning Community Education classes, the Emeritus Programs Art Show, which runs Friday, June 14, through Saturday, June 22.

All of the pieces of artwork on exhibit--watercolor, oil painting, jewelry, and china painting--were created by students in the Lifelong Learning Program, a program for older adults offered through Mt. SAC's Community Education and Economic Development Division. The classes are provided at community and senior centers throughout the local area.

An opening reception catered by Rancho Park Villa of San Dimas and Gladstone Care and Rehabilitation Center of Glendora, will be held on Friday, June 14, 5 p.m. Special gallery hours for this exhibit are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday; 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays; and noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 16.

For more information, call the Mt. SAC Community Education and Economic Development Office at (909) 594-5611, ext. 5117.

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Students Learn How to Eat for Life

Walnut, CA … Students in new Family and Consumer Sciences Professor Sandra Weatherilt’s basic nutrition classes are doing much more than earning college credit or satisfying an elective—they’re learning how to eat.

"Most of the students, once they are assessed, are horrified by what they are eating," said Weatherilt, who is finishing up her first year of full-time teaching at Mt. SAC and is also a registered dietitian.

And in a country where fast food is king and in which a large percentage of the population is overweight or obese, that realization is no small impression.

"There are fast food restaurants on every corner," said Weatherilt, "and childhood obesity has been called an epidemic."

So in Weatherilt’s nutrition classes, students learn what proper nutrition is, yet to do that, she has to overcome the barriers to a nutritious diet: a barrage of fast food advertising, generational concepts about food, and just plain bad habits. What she tries to do is make the idea of five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, whole grains, lean meats, low fat products, and limited sugar intake sound fun.

The first step is an assessment of what their eating habits are. Various elements such as the fat content and sugar in one’s diet are analyzed.

"They evaluate their own habits and behavior, and figure out where they need to improve," she said.

But to get to the stage when students adopt a healthy diet, Weatherilt also has to look at other factors that influence people’s eating habits. Fast food slogans entice and target children and adults alike. And the fact that these are fast foods belies another two reasons poor eating habits pervade American dinner tables: time and convenience.

"Nowadays, people don’t have time to cook for their children and themselves," said Weatherilt.

If overcoming the convenience factor isn’t difficult enough, she and her students must also hurdle the stigma of healthy eating.

"People think nutrition’s boring and that nutritious food has to taste bad, but it doesn’t have to be that way," Weatherilt said. "It doesn’t mean go the extreme—eating leaves and twigs," she said. "It may just mean eating less."

Students also learn to plan their diets and read labels—tasks that are often overlooked in the name of convenience.

The students in Weatherilt’s nutrition classes are there for a variety of reasons. Some want to make changes in their diets. Some want to learn how to make changes in the diets of their family members. Others want reinforce what they may already know, but it’s Wealtherilt’s hope that students use what they learn in her classes to make changes for a lifetime.

"I hope that they can take what they can from this class and use it for their families," she said. "If students can make some modifications in their diets, that’s something."

Fortunately for Weatherilt, one of the weapons in her arsenal to convince students to make those changes is well documented in what a poor diet can do over the long run.

"It’s all about making choices," she said. "If you don’t think about it, it can catch up on you."

Nutrition is a large part of a healthy lifestyle, Weatherilt admits, but unfortunately, it’s not everything. There’s also exercise.

"Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand," she said.

But then again, that’s another class.

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Speech Professor Wins PTK Award

Walnut, CA … Mt. San Antonio College Communication Professor and Honors Program Director Carolyn Inmon recently received the regional Horizon Award, which recognizes the best new Phi Theta Kappa advisor, at a May 4 Phi Theta Kappa convention in Las Vegas. Phi Theta Kappa is the national community college honors society.

Inmon was also recently elected secretary of the Honors Transfer Council of California. The council is comprised of 51 colleges in California that have honors programs.

Inmon, a resident of Irvine, has taught at Mt. SAC for 10 years. In addition to serving as the Honor Program Director, she has been active in the college’s Faculty Association and Academic Senate.

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