Nutrition and Food Program

The four food groups

Whether you are interested in a career in nutrition and dietetics, or simply want to learn more about making wise food choices to improve your health and energy, the Nutrition and Foods program offers classes to help you reach your goal. 

Students preparing for careers in dietetics must complete a  rigorous course of study.  Food and nutrition science, food service systems management, business, communication, biology, physiology, microbiology, anatomy, and chemistry are required.  Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RD or RDNs) must have earned at least a bachelor’s degree.  The Mt. SAC Nutrition and Foods Program can get you started on your career path in a supportive atmosphere and help you transfer to the school that works best for you.



Our Mission

The Mt. SAC Nutrition and Food Education Program provides individuals, families, and community members with the knowledge and skills to make informed choices about healthful diets, to reduce risks of foodborne illness and chronic disease, and to efficiently manage food resources that support their physiological health and economic and social well-being.

Our Goals

  1. Provide high quality instruction in the subjects of nutrition and foods, incorporating the latest in information, innovative teaching methods, and technology, to increase concept mastery, enhance meaningful self-evaluation and promote lifelong personal wellbeing.
  2. Prepare students for careers in Nutrition and Dietetics by increasing understanding of the field and by offering networking opportunities, through meetings and forums, partnering with industry, staff development, mentoring, and alumni involvement.
  3. Achieve adequate and stable faculty and lab assistant staffing levels to ensure an exemplary NF program that supports students' personal and career goals.
  4. Ensure optimal equipment and allocation of classroom and lab space that meets the needs of the NF and HRM programs, both in the current building (19B) and in the future Business Division building.
  5. Secure additional funding for nutrition and foods courses to enhance student learning.
  6. Develop courses across the curriculum to support or encourage interaction with other programs (e.g., HRM) or other disciplines (e.g., Child Development or Physical Education).

Our Faculty


Professor Carol Impara Professor Jean Metter
Professor Sandra Weatherilt  

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