Alexander Chin

Vet Fell in Love With Learning

Alexander Chin“Never follow another man’s dream.”

One year after Alexander Chin was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, it was this idea that led him back to school.  Alex’s path to success had taken many detours, including being expelled from high school and excelling as a car salesman.  Once at Mt. SAC, Alexander got involved with the Veterans Resource Center, including tutoring other vets.

Alex was amazed at how much he loved learning.  “I mean seriously loved it.  I was never challenged on so many different levels as I was in the classroom.  As a salesman I was full of words, but not action.  As a Marine, I could only act, but not express myself.  Education is giving me the tools to finally combine intention and ability.  My 4.0 GPA and participation in clubs and events were merely an extension of this passion to learn and acquire knowledge.”

Alex vowed that if he got accepted to Columbia University, he would wear a Mt. SAC T-shirt to show everyone he was a Mt. SAC alumnus.  Today, he’s proudly sporting his shirt on the Columbia campus as he did at commencement.