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FAQs Regarding the Course Repeat Policy

What is the Course Repeat policy?

The repeat policy is based on state policy that limits the number of times a student can repeat a class after receiving either at W or a D, F, or No Pass (NP) or No Credit (NC) in the class.  If a student receives a W, D, F, NP or NC in the class, the student can repeat it two times, for a total of 3 enrollments in a class.  Under state regulations, all credit course repeats and withdrawals in a student’s enrollment record are counted toward the limit.

Can I repeat a class if I receive an A, B, C or Pass (P) or Credit (CR)?

No.  There are some rare exceptions, but state regulations prevent us from allowing students to repeat a class in which the student successfully passed the class.

Does this policy go back to count the times I’ve enrolled in the class before?

Yes.  Therefore, if you have taken the same class three or more times already, you may not enroll in the course again at Mt. SAC.

What should I do if I’ve taken the class two times and am either currently enrolled in it for the third time or plan to enroll in the course for a third time?  What resources are available to help me successfully complete the course(s)?

It is critical for you to pass the course by the third time in which you enroll in it.  Mt. SAC offers a variety of resources to help students achieve academic success in their courses.  Many of the tutoring resources are free or low cost.  For more information, please visit the Learning Assistance Center at the following link:

How can I check on my status?

For more information about your specific situation, view your unofficial transcripts via your portal (student tab) – click on #18.  You can also speak with a counselor in the Counseling Center.

What are my options if I’m prevented from registering at Mt. SAC?

In most cases you will need to attempt to take this course at another college.

If I’m blocked from taking the course at Mt. SAC, what do I do?  Can I petition to repeat a class a 4th time?

If you have a documented, extenuating circumstance, which was outside of your control, you can submit a petition for exceptional action to the Admissions and Records Office.  It should be noted that approval of these petitions is rare and will not be considered without relevant documentation. 

Does dropping without a “W” count against me?

No.  Only courses in which a substandard grade or non-evaluative symbol appear on your transcript are impacted by this policy.

What is a “repeatable” course?

A repeatable course is a course that may be taken more than once for credit, such as Kinesiology and performing arts courses.  To find out if a class is repeatable check the Mt. SAC College Catalog at  The course repeat policy does not affect repeatable courses.  

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