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What About My Academic Preparation?

It is recommended that high school students take a minimum of three (3) years of college preparatory mathematics and four years of college preparatory English. Preparatory courses in mathematics and English are offered to assist you to reach the skill level appropriate for your choice of major or area of study.

What is Meant by Prerequisite Requirements?

Mt. San Antonio College has established course prerequisites. Prerequisites are generally predictors of successful course completion. To enroll in a class that has a basic skills prerequisite, you must have verification of satisfactory test results on file. All course prerequisites listed must be completed with a grade of "C" or better, unless otherwise stated. If you fail to observe the prerequisite or corequisite regulations you may be dropped from any courses in which you are improperly enrolled. 

Students with limited English skills are not prohibited from enrolling in vocational courses. Students who do not meet validated prerequisites as determined by the faculty, may consult the appropriate Division Dean for alternative considerations.

What If I Took Prerequisite Courses at Another School?

Transcripts must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records prior to the time of registration. High school transcripts will be evaluated for Math and Chemistry course work. College and university transcripts will be evaluated for Math, English, and Chemistry course work only. If a student wishes to take a course with a prerequisite other than Math, English, or Chemistry (ie. many CIS classes require other computer-related courses) the student must take a copy of his or her transcripts the appropriate division office to obtain an override.

What are the Differences Between Prerequisites, Corequisites, Prerequisites / Corequisites and Advisory Prerequisites?

  • Prerequisites must have been taken previously.
  • Corequisites must be taken at the same time.
  • Prerequisites/Corequisites may have been taken previously or taken at the same time.
  • Advisory Prerequisites are not required for enrollment, but are recommended to help you succeed in the course.

Whom Must I See Regarding Prerequisites?

Questions regarding prerequisites and corerequisites should be addressed to a Division Dean prior to registration.

Does my eligibility expire?

Placement tests are valid for two years. Eligibility based on previous course-work does not expire.

Non-Native Speakers of English.

Non-Native Speakers of English. Non-native speakers of English, who are so identified from information provided on the College Application for Admission are required to have their English competency (listening, reading, and English usage) assessed prior to registration. Directions for the assessment will be mailed by the Counseling and Matriculation Office as soon as the applications are processed. Based on the assessment, you are placed in one of the following three categories:

  • Exempt from AMLA (American Language) or
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) programs. You may enroll in any courses for which you are eligible (prerequisites satisfied).
  • Eligible for AMLA program: You may enroll in AMLA courses or continue to enroll in AMLA courses each semester until the series has been completed.
  • Eligible for ESL program: You may enroll in ESL adult education courses each semester until eligible for AMLA courses; then enroll in AMLA courses each semester until the series has been completed.

Students in either the AMLA or ESL program may enroll in other courses for which they are eligible. AMLA students are advised to complete the entire program before registering for college classes with English prerequisites.

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