Information Security Standard Practices

Acceptable Use Agreement — Employee

Mt. San Antonio College provides broad access to its computing, communications and information resources. These resources support the delivery of the college's academic mission and accordingly, they must be used responsibly. These resources include, the physical data communications network and all computers, printers, scanners and other hardware attached to that network, as well as all system software, telephone systems, and means of access to the Internet.

With regard to the computing, communications and information resources of Mt. San Antonio College, it is understood and agreed that:

Selected Examples of Unacceptable Use:

  • Revealing passwords to others, allowing someone else to use your account.
  • Utilizing network or system id numbers/names that are not assigned for one's specific use on the designated system.
  • Attempting to authorize, delete, or alter files or systems not created by oneself without proper authorization from the Chief Technology Officer or his/her designee.
  • Watching Internet videos or listening to Internet radio on your computer without authorization from the Chief Technology Officer.
  • Not complying with requests from designated personnel to discontinue activities that threaten the integrity of computing resources.
  • Attempting to defeat data protection schemes or to uncover security vulnerabilities.
  • Connecting unauthorized equipment to the campus network. (Devices such as PDAs, printers, and USB drives that connect to a computer and not directly to the network are acceptable.)
  • Registering a Mt. San Antonio College IP address with any other domain name.
  • Unauthorized network scanning or attempts to intercept network traffic.
  • Malicious disruptions such as intentionally introducing a computer virus to the campus network.
  • Harassing or threatening other users of the campus network.
By accessing Mt. San Antonio College computing, communication, and information resources, you agree to be bound by these terms. These terms are subject to change. Updated versions of this and other related documents will be made available at If you do not agree with these terms, or with future changes to these terms, you must discontinue all use of applicable College resources. A violation of these terms may result in civil, criminal, or other administrative action.