Full Drive Encryption


The college has purchased a product from Guardian Edge called Encryption anywhere. This product will encrypt the entire contents of a hard drive to protect sensitive private data that may be stored on the hard drive. If you store any data such as Social Security numbers, Credit Card numbers, Drivers license numbers, or bank account numbers then you need this software. Please call the help desk at extension 4357 to schedule an appointment to have this software installed.

After Encryption Anywhere is installed on your system you will need to register your computer so your password can be recoveverd should you forget it. The first time you login after Encryption Anywhere is installed you will see this message.

You must press the button "Register Now" You will be asked a few questions to help recover your password if you forgot it. After pressing the Register Now button you will have this screen except with your username displayed. Simple press Next on this screen.

You will now be on this screen. Where you will have to answer two simple security questions that will be used to identify you should you forget your password.

After you have complete the questions press the Next button to continue. Then you will be at this screen. Where you will put in your first and last name and press the Next button .

Which will lead to this screen. Where you will press Finish.

This screen will then pop up and you can just close it with the X

You will get this message and you can click on Yes.

The next time you reboot your computer you will have a different login screen that looks like this.

Just press Ctrl-Alt-Delete as usual and you will then be this screen.

Just enter the user name and password that you normally use to login to your computer. You may need to press on the arrow next to Domain and select MSAC. After you click OK then you should be brought to your desktop as you normally would expect. From this point on the software is transparent.