Encryption Anywhere Trouble shooting


There are a few things to be aware of while using Encryption Anywhere. If you forget your password you can reset it yourself if you are on campus. If you use more than one computer with Encryption Anywhere installed you may also run into problems when you change your password. Below are a few common problems and work arounds.

Case 1.

You have forgotten your password and you are on campus. You would fill in your user name and click on the Login Assistance button.

At this screen press Next.

At this screen answer the security questions

After you have answered those questions and press Next you should get this screen.

Press OK and you will be taken to this screen where you can enter a new password.

Case 2

You changed your password but the other computers you use won't let you login. Encryption Anywhere doesn't get your updated password until the first time you login, so use your old password to login the first time you use another computer after changing your computer. After you enter your old password you will get to the windows screen where you will see this message.

Encryption Anywhere tried to login with your old password and the system wouldn't allow it. So press ok and enter your new password. Now you should be logged in and you should see this message.

Now you can login to this computer with no problem. You must repeat this for all the computers you use with Encryption Anywhere installed.


Case 3

You have changed your password but you forget what your old password was. In this case you will enter your user name and click on the Login Assistance button.

Click Next on the first screen.

Then answer the security questions you answered when you first registered and click Next.

You will then see this message. Click Ok.

You won't be asked to change your password since Encryption Anywhere only knows your old password. Instead you will login with your new password. After logging in you should see this message. After that you should be able to login with your new password.