Standard 3 Documents

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1997-98 Accreditation Self-Study
2004 Calendar and Annual Report to the Community
2020 Vision Strategic Plan

Administrative Regulations and Procedures
Agreement - Mt. San Antonio College District and Faculty
     Association, 2003-05
American Association of University Professors Statement
    on Professional Ethics

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Board Policies
Budget 2003-04
Budget Green Sheets

 California Code of Regulations Title V
        58301 - Proposed Budget; Hearing; Notice; Publication
        58305 - Tentative Budget; Filing; Contents;
            Computation of Tax Levy; Filing and Approval of Final

California Community Colleges Annual Financial and Budget Report
California Community Colleges Budget and Accounting Manual
Citizen's Oversight Committee
Classification Review Committee
Classified Employee Selection Procedures
CMPCT (Campus Master Plan Coordinating Team)
Community College Survey of Student Engagement
Community Perception Survey
CSEA Chapter 262 Contract
CSEA Chapter 651 Contract

Department Chair Evaluation Report
Developing Competencies for Online Faculty
Diversity Plan

Educational and Facilities Master Plan:  1992-2007
Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility
    Standards (36 CFR 1194 Section 508)

Enrollment Simulation and Planning
Equity and Diversity Task Force Report

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Facilities Action Plan 2001-2020
Facilities Planning 2001-2020 at Mt. San Antonio College
Faculty Employee Selection Procedure, Full-Time
Full-Text Database Subscriptions



Information & Educational Technology Strategic & Tactical

Inspection Documents
Insurance Documents
Interview - Associate Dean, Technology and Health Division
Interview - Director, User Support & Network Services
Interview - Staff & Organizational Learning Coordinator

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Management Employee Selection Procedures
Minimum Qualifications for Administrators and Faculty
    in California Community Colleges

Mt. San Antonio College 2003-2004 Adopted Budget
Mt. San Antonio College 2003-04 College Catalog
Mt. San Antonio College Annual Classification Review Process
Mt. San Antonio College Bond Projects
Mt. San Antonio Community College District Audit of Financial
    Statements, June 30, 2003
Mt. San Antonio College Full-Time Staff Diversity
Mt. San Antonio College Instructional Equipment Process
Mt. San Antonio College Web Site
MyMtSac Student Portal

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Office of Postsecondary Education Campus Security
    Statistics for Mt. San Antonio College

Program Review Handbook 2002



Safety Committee Documents
Scheduled Maintenance Documents
Staff & Organizational Learning
Staff & Organizational Learning Schedule of Classes
Statewide Faculty Full-Time Obligation Summary, Chancellor's
     Office, California Community Colleges
Student Equity Plan

Telecommunications & Technology Unit, Chancellor's Office,
    California Community Colleges







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