Standard 2 Documents

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1998 Alumni:  Two-Year Post-Graduation
2020 Vision Strategic Plan

Accredited/Approved Programs
Administrative Regulations and Procedures
Advisory Committee Handbook
Agreement - Mt. San Antonio College District and Faculty
     Association, 2003-05

Annotated Bibliography Grading Sheet
Application for Approval - New Occupational Program
A.S. Degree and Certificate Performance Report and
    3-Year Summary

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Board Policies
Bridge and Math Academy Success
Bridge Program

California Community Colleges Instructional Improvement Guide
Character Counts
Circulation Statistics, July 2002 - June 2003
Community College Survey of Student Engagement
Community Education Center
Community Education Enrollment
Community Perception Survey
Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) 2000 
    Survey Results
    Three-Year Comparison Report - 2000, 2001, 2002

Counseling - Re-Entry Center
    see Re-Entry Services
Counseling & Advising Department - Overview of Research
Curriculum and Instruction Council at Mt. San Antonio
College Statement of Purpose
Curriculum Development Guide, 2003

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Degree and Certificate Related Employment for the
    Vocational Graduates of 2001-2002

Disabled Student Programs & Services Program Review
Disproportionate Impact Study

Educational Action Plan - 1998-2003
Enrollment Simulation and Planning

Faculty and Staff Development Expenditure Summary Report -
     Fiscal Year 2001-02
Faculty as Professionals:  Responsibilities, Standards, and Ethics

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General Education at Mt. San Antonio College, Philosophy

Honors Program

I Turned in a Transcript, What Happens Now?
Information Resources and Research Methods Course
    Syllabus Fall 2002

Information Resources and Research Methods Fall 2002
    Extra Credit Evaluation
Interview - Computer Facilities Supervisor, Learning Resources
Interview - Communications Professor
Interview - Director, Disabled Students Programs & Services
Interview - English Professor
Interview - Media Services Coordinator


Knowledge, Skills, and Personal Development 
     see Student Survey:  Knowledge

Learning Assistance Center Program Review 2002
Learning Resources Program Review 2001
Learning Resources Program Review 2002
Letter, September 2, 2003
Library Acquisitions Policy
Library Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
List of TOP Codes and Titles to be Funded in 2003-2004

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Math Academy
Memorandum Re: Periodicals Cancellation
Mission, Vision, and Values
Monthly Positive Attendance Record
Mt. SAC Programs Exam Pass Rates Percentages
Mt. SAC's Learning Communities A Natural Bridge to Student Learning Outcomes
    January 2004
Mt. San Antonio Class Record
Mt. San Antonio College 2003-04 College Catalog
Mt. San Antonio College Associated Students Mission

Mt. San Antonio College Grade Response Record
Mt. San Antonio College Retention and Success Spring 2003
Mt. San Antonio College Schedule of Credit Classes

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NCES Academic Libraries Survey, 2002

Office of Research and Institutional Effectiveness

President's Advisory Council Meeting Notes
    October 1, 2003
    February 18, 2004
Professional Development Day 2003
Program and Course Approval Handbook, Chancellor's
    Office,California Community Colleges

Program Review Handbook 2002
Program Review Summary, 2002
Proposal for the Establishment of a SLOs Team and
     Implementation Process

Proposed Course Outline, ENGL 1A and SPCH 1A
Proposed Replacement Cycle for Computers in Learning

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Quality Learning Training Manual

Re-Entry Services
Reference Desk Service Policy

Report Log for Average Year of Publication Analysis
Request for Approval for the Use of a Writing Sample or
    Locally Constructed or Managed Test
Research Briefs

Special Programs Reports Mt. San Antonio College
    After School College
    Bridge Program
    Disabled Students
    Distance Learning
    Service Learning
    Study Abroad
    Supplemental Instruction
    Tutorial Services
    Weekend Business College

Spring 2002 Alumni Survey:  Eight-Month Follow-Up
Staff & Organizational Learning, November/December 2002
    see Professional Development Day 2003
Statewide Student Transfer Information for California

Student Equity Plan
Student Evaluation Form
Student Learning Outcomes Assessment LERN81,
    Spring 2003
Student Learning Outcomes Assessment, Writing Tutoring
    Program Pilot Study, Fall 2002 and Spring 2003
Student Learning Outcomes - Psychiatric Technician Program

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Teacher Preparation Institute
Transfer: Campus Report for University of California
    and California State University

Transfers to Community Colleges & Universities, Nationally
Transfers to UC and CSU by Ethnicity

Using the Library Exercise

VTEA Brochures
VTEA Highlights Library 2002-2003
VTEA Year-End Report for 2001-2002 Funding

What Accreditors Expect from College Program Review
Writing and Reading Assistance Center - Activity 1




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