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The College’s employees are integral to its operations. All employee groups are important to the efficient and effective instruction and support services needed for teaching and learning at Mt. SAC. Mt. SAC has administered the Organizational Survey System (OSS™) climate survey, every two to four years since 2003. Each administration builds upon the previous results to provide objective feedback from its most valuable resource, the employees. For custom items, values and vision was the most favorable scale consisting of two items measuring knowing the mission statement (83 percent favorable) and understanding the values (82 percent favorable) at Mt. SAC. Health and Safety focused mainly on procedural aspects with the highest rating for knowing what to do if a fire occurs (74 percent) and the lowest rating of 37 percent for the campus being prepared for an emergency. Planning incorporated items surrounding Planning for Institutional Effectiveness (PIE), program review, as well as general planning activities. Fifty-eight percent reported that they believe Mt. SAC’s mission is central to all planning activities. Fewer than half reported that they understood the PIE process (45 percent) and would like more information on the relationship between PIE and the budget process (45 percent). The scale measuring the past year incorporated items measuring effectiveness of communication and decision-making processes. Employees were more satisfied with communications and decisions affecting their work (e.g., 61 percent felt informed about decisions affecting their work) as compared to items regarding various aspects of decision making (e.g., 27 percent felt they had a say in decisions that impacted the College). The normed items on the survey revealed high job satisfaction and lower ratings for benefits and communications (INT43).  

The College operates under a governance structure in which broad participation from all segments of the College is encouraged. The following chart indicates the organization of the College’s management positions and the organization of the teams (i.e., Student Services, Human Resources, Instruction, and Administrative Services). The Vice President of Instruction is the College’s Accreditation Liaison Officer (IV.B.2-9).

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